Norsan Budge (1 x 1L) Trigger Spray, Single Bottle


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Norsan Budge is a concentrated, thick, green, high performing washroom and general hard surface chemical containing a special blend of sulphamic acid, citric acid and quaternary ammonium biocide that safely cleans, disinfects and deodorises. This 1L ready to use bottle comes with a handy trigger spray attachment.

It will effectively remove stubborn stains, dried soap scum, water residue and limescale.

  • Conforms to BS EN 1276
  • Conforms to BS EN 13704
  • Phosphate free and biodegradable

Recommended for use on washroom and other hard surfaces, ceramic and porcelain tiles, toilet bowls, urinals, stainless steel and chrome fixtures. Norsan Budge is not recommended for use on enamel or plastic surfaces.

Unit Size – 1L

Case Quantity – 1 x 1L

View Safety Data Sheet: PDF Safety Data Sheet

Also available in a 1L Squirt Cap and a 5L bottle £14.85 + vat per 5L


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