Vernacare Moist Cleaning Wipe, Pack of 50


Convenient Skin Cleansing

Oasis Moist is an effective and economical skin cleansing wipe suitable for patient and carer alike.

pH-Balanced for Healthy Skin

Oasis Moist is impregnated with a gentle and effective cleansing solution to cleanse and moisturize the skin. This soap-free solution is also pH-balanced to 5.5 to be kinder to skin and is dermatologically approved.

Large Wipes

Oasis Moist wipes are designed for adult use; their size (33 x 22 cm) is considerably larger than that of baby wipes, meaning fewer wipes are required for everyday cleansing tasks such as freshening up between bed baths.

Hand Hygiene

Oasis Moist wipes contribute to good hand hygiene, an essential element in infection control that may often be overlooked in the absence of readily available washing facilities. These wipes provide the solution to carers constantly on the go and less mobile patients. A tub placed by the bed or a refill pack in the pocket means you can cleanse hands effectively in between tasks.

Individual pack of 50 wipes


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