Ramon Pro-Guard Tough Industrial Gloves, Large (Bag of 10 Pairs)


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Ramon Pro-Guard Tough Industrial Gloves, Large

Ramon Pro-Guard Tough Industrial gloves are manufactured from natural rubber latex. They provide enhanced abrasion protection ideal for heavy duty applications. The gloves have been independently tested and will provide protection against most detergents, acids, alcohols in addition to alkalis. The gloves feature an anti-slip grip pattern on the fingers and also palm to improve grip in wet as well as dry conditions. Increased comfort comes with the soft cotton flock lining which equally helps absorb perspiration. Ergonomically shaped to reduce hand fatigue during extended periods of use in addition they feature a long cuff for added protection.

FSC Certified

* Natural Rubber Latex can cause skin irritation*

Individually wrapped pair of gloves x 10

Also available as a single pair of gloves

Other sizes available – Medium and Extra Large


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