Pro Restore Odor X Last Resort Deodoriser (12 x 946ml) Full Case


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Last Resort

The world’s strongest odor counteractant additive

When all other odor control efforts have failed, professionals turn to Last Resort. Powerful solvents and deodorants help to destroy even the most severe odors, including putrefaction, skunk odors, sewage, pet and smoke odors, and more.

Flash point: 70º F (21.1º C)
PH: 6
Dilution: Death scene/skunk odors – to make one gallon (4L) of odor suppressing decontaminant for spray application add the following to an empty gallon (4L) container: 1) 2 ounces (60ml) Last Resort.  2) 8 ounces (240ml) of Liqui-Zone™. 3) Fill the container with water to make on gallon.
FOR HEAVY SMOKE ODOR SUPPRESSION: For unusually heavy smoke odor, add up to 2 ounces of Last Resort to each gallon of 9-D-9™ ready-to-use solution. Follow label directions for 9-D-9. FOR BEST RESULTS ON SMOKE DAMAGED STRUCTURAL SURFACES, MIX AND APPLY THE FOLLOWING DEODORIZING PRE-SEALER: Combine in an empty 5 gallon container: 1) One gallon (4 L) Unsoot #1 Encapsulant. 2) One quart (0.9 L) 9-D-9. 3) Five ounces (150 mL) Last Resort. 4) Fill to 5 gallon mark with water. Covers 500–750 square feet per gallon (50–75 square meters / 4 L of RTU) when applied with commercial airless paint sprayer or electric sprayer. For additional application and product safety information, see the Last Resort User Guide and SDS at
Notes: 1) Last Resort is ultra-concentrated. It is important to use this product at concentrations no higher than those specified. 2) Liqui-Zone is an oxidizing agent and may damage fabrics, fabric dyes, etc. Pretest items to assure compatibility before using Liqui-Zone. 3) Last Resort is not an antimicrobial product.

Unit Size – 0.946L/ 946ml (1 US Quart)

Case Quantity – 12 x 0.946L

View Safety Data Sheet: PDF Safety Data Sheet

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