Numatic Hepa-Flo Dust Bags for Charles/George (Box of 10 bags)


Genuine Numatic hepa-flo dust bags, suitable for Charles and George. These high efficiency filter bags fit a wide range of Numatic machines, check list below. (Model name can be found on the rating label attached to your machine). Genuine product direct from Numatic.

Boxed quantity – 10 bags

Compatible machine models :
Numatic HOMECARE – EVR-370, EVR-370P, EVR-374, EVR374P, CVC-370, GVE-370

Numatic CLEANCARE – NV-370, NV-375, NV-380, BX-390, NNV-370, NNV-374, NNV-375, NNV-380, NVH-370, NVH-380, NVP-370, NVP-380,  PSP-370A, PSP-380A, NVR-370, NVR-370, NVR-375, NVR-380, NRV-370, NRV-380, PVT-390A, NVQ-370, NVQ-372, NVQ-370T, NVQ-374, NVQ-375, NVQ-380, NVQ-382, NVQ-384, NVQ-380T, NVQ-350B, NQS-350B, NVQ-402, DBQ-360, DBQ-362, DBQ-500, MFQ-360, MFQ-370, MFQ-372, CRQ-360, CRQ-370, AVQ-375, AVQ-380, HZQ-350, HZQ-370, WV-370, WV-375, WV-380, NVE-3, NVE-370, CT-370, CT-375, CT-380


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