Norsan Starclean (2 x 5L) Full Case


NORSAN Starclean Concentrated Universal Surface Cleaner 5L

Norsan Starclean concentrate is truly an all-surface cleaner. Many other chemicals make this claim but our flagship product really lives up to it’s reputation.

Manufactured to our a very highest standard with it’s unique and special formulation, Norsan Starclean will cope with all cleaning tasks encountered in everyday cleaning amazingly fast with even the heaviest soils removed on contact. It’s exceptional high cleaning ability on all surfaces is married to a striking and lasting fragrance making this all purpose cleaner very pleasant to work with.

Dilution: To make one 500ml trigger spray, dose 20ml and fill to top with fresh clean water, spray onto any desired surface and wipe down using a dedicated cloth. For general bucket cleaning (depending on level of dirt) dilute 1:25/1:50 and apply sparingly to any desired surface. For carpet extraction machines dose 100ml into 5L water. Always pre-spot and test carpet and upholstery surfaces as dyes vary.

Unit Size – 5L

Case Quantity – 2 x 5L

View Safety Data Sheet: PDF Safety Data Sheet

Also available – Single 5L bottle, ready to use 1L Trigger Spray Bottle and a case of 6 ready to use 1L Trigger Spray Bottles.


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