Norsan Norscale (2 x 5L) Full Case


NORSAN Norscale Lime & Protein Scale Remover 5L

Norsan Norscale is a premium, ultra-heavy duty, phosphate free and biodegradable clear liquid, based on phosphoric acid blended with surfactants and inhibitors. Soluble in all dilutions with water. For the removal of lime and protein scales from sinks, basins, boilers, vats, primary plumbing systems, C.S.C.D., T.S.S.U. laboratory, animal house, engineering departments.

Norsan Norscale also dissolves rust on most surfaces including all ferrous metals. Safe to use on stainless steel and chrome fittings.

Unit Size – 5L

Case Quantity – 2 x 5L

View Safety Data Sheet: PDF Safety Data Sheet

Individual price £24.48 + vat per 5L


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