Norsan Norfresh (1 x 5L) Single Bottle


NORSAN Norfresh Polymer Floor Maintainer 5LT

Norsan Norfresh is one of our most popular products. It is a phosphate free, biodegradable floor maintenance chemical that will keep your floors at the peak of appearance and restore those which are losing their lustre.

Formulated to enable the user to either spray buff, spray clean or damp mop with the same solution it will leave a thoroughly clean finish and a lasting ocean mist fragrance.

Norsan Norfresh contains powerful cleaning agents blended together with special mix of thermoplastic materials that actively repair and recoat floors leaving a flexible anti-slip finish. It is a proven product and ideal for use with automatic scrubber driers.

Recommended for use on sealed wood, sealed cork, marble, terrazzo, finished concrete, thermoplastic, asphalt, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, composition, vinyl, rubber and linoleum.

Unit Size – 5L

Case Quantity – 1 x 5L

View Safety Data Sheet: PDF Safety Data Sheet

Also available as a case of 2 x 5L for a discounted price


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