Norsan CDX Plus (2 x 5L) Full Case


Norsan CDX Plus is a phosphate free and biodegradable, highly concentrated and very powerful low foaming floor degreaser and heavy duty cleaner. It will quickly remove compacted oils, grease and animal fats typically found on factory floors, workshops, garages and transport depots. By using the correct dilution it is strong enough to remove emulsion floor polish.

Recommended for use on finished concrete, marble, terrazzo, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, thermoplastic, asphalt, sealed wood, sealed cork, composition, vinyl, rubber and linoleum (treated with care).

When operating a single brush floor scrubbing machine or any type of automatic scrubber dryer, firstly allow a short time for the solution to soak and soften the oil, grease or emulsion polish. Then scrub using a stripping pad. Finally vacuum up the slurry. There is no need to rinse, however to ensure all the slurry has been removed rinse with clean water.

Unit Size – 5L

Case Quantity – 2 x 5L

View Safety Data Sheet: PDF Safety Data Sheet

Individual Price £15.00 + vat per 5L


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