Chemspec Energizer Booster (1 x 2.72kg) Single Tub


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Energizer is an oxidizing additive that significantly boosts the cleaning power of carpet and upholstery detergents whilst also enhances colours and deodorizes at the same time.
Can be added to alkaline pre-sprays, shampoos, extraction detergents and encapsulation cleaners.
A combination of an oxygen-based booster, alkaline builders, anticorrosion and soil suspension agents.
When used properly, this product turbo-charges the performance of a wide variety of cleaning solutions.
The oxygen booster accelerates the removal of soils and staining; the alkaline boosters enhance the attack on greasy or acidic soils; the soil.

Dilution 1 tablespoon to 19L (Rotary Shampoo Machines, 1 Scoop (included) 5 Tablespoons to 19L for truck-mounts

pH: 10.64 of the working solution

Unit Size 2.7Kg Tub

Safety Data Sheet available on request as PDF


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